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hour. there's growing concern the obama administration is sending mixed signals to egypt with the defense secretary robert gates now speaking out about the crisis for the first time, and he's praising, praisie ining in strong terms and words, the egyptian military. let's go to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. she has details. what's the latest. >> reporter: well, you know, wolf, the white house calling for a media change and the state department calling for a processive change. one thing seems very clear. the protesters are not going away. with crowds swelling in cairo's tahrir square, a greater sense of urgency from the u.s. that the egyptian government needs to show change is coming. in a phone call u.s. vice president joe biden telling egyptian vice president omar suleiman there must be a transition with, quote, immediate, irreversible progress. >> vice president suleiman made particularly unhelpful comments about egypt not being ready for democracy, about not seeing a lift of the emergency law, and i don't -- i don't think that in any way squares with what th
of them. >>> president obama meanwhile is meeting with his top national security advisers. we're going to have much more on what the white house is doing. what's been the white house role in all these dramatic developments in egypt? the obama administration putting pressure on the egyptian president to step down. stay with us for that. also, egypt's control of a vital oil shipping lane. if the crisis continues, we could all feel the impact. you know, when i grow up, i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i'm going to work with kids. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at >>> jack cafferty certainly following the break news, all the developments here in the united states as well as in egypt. jack is here with "the cafferty file." jack? >> some estimates put the estimates of egyp
police. and what's the worst part about being president of the united states? president obama may wish he could take another stab at answering that question and talk a little bit less about himself. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." the observeway white house is warning egypt that words are not enough. no more, and that the mubarak government must take concrete steps towards greater freedom and democracy. let's go straight to the white house. our correspondent dan lothian is joining us with the latest. sensitive times, dan, for the president, but these are critically important issues. >> reporter: that's right, and all of the energy here at the white house is focused on strongly encouraging this transition process along, realizing that it is not easy because, as one official pointed out here at the white house today, the situation on the ground in egypt changes from hour to hour, so as robert gibbs says it's going to be a bumpy road. strolling back to the white house from his u.s. chamber of commerce speech president obama struck an optimistic tone on the process to resolv
at the wisconsin state capital. as you said, the drama has made it all the way to the without. president obama criticized the budget bill, saying that it seemed like it was, quote, short-sighted thinking on the part of the governor. listen here to president obama. >> i would say, as a general proposition, that everybody's got to make some adjustments to new fiscal realities. we had to impose, for example, a freeze on pay increases for federal workers for the next two years as part of my overall budget freeze. on the other hand, some of what i have heard coming out of wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on unions. >> reporter: the president through press secretary jay carney, he reiterated his boss's point, saying the president doesn't think this is the right way to fix a shorefall, but on the other end, john boehner is criticizing the president and defending scott walker. in a statement he released, he said, in part, quote, rather than shouten down those in office who speak honestly about the challen
of president obama's new budget blueprint for 1212. it includes billions of dollars of spending cuts, airports, heat subsidies for the poor, water treatment plants, pell grants for higher education, some of the targets, and we're taking a hard look at budget and how both parties are dodging the biggest most painful cuts, despite all of those i just mentioned. let's bring in our white house correspondent dan lothian. the bottom line is despite all of those cuts critics are pouncing. >> reporter: they really are. i should say, first of all, from the president on down and other aides at the white house, they do say there is a lot of pain in this budget, that they did have to make some tough choices, but democrats think that it went too far. some republicans say that it didn't go far enough, especially when it comes to tackling the massive federal deficit. president obama's own debt commission laid out an ominous assessment last year warning of fiscal cancer without drastic surgery on the federal deficit. >> it's going to destroy our country from within. the problem is real. the solutions are pain
ambassador in cairo the day before he stepped down saying the united states, the obama administration was naive, they didn't understand who was behind these demonstrators, the muslim brotherhood or iran or hamas and that the u.s. would regret its support for the demonstrators. i want you to react to that. >> i have no particular knowledge of that conversation. i believe the american/egyptian relationship is a deep and lasting one, one that both parties have extracted immense interest and benefits from. and i presume that these relations will continue to flourish. >> i guess the question is, do you agree with mubarak, assuming the reports are accurate. do you agree with former president mubarak that the u.s. is naive about the muslim brotherhood. >> >> i believe all factions in egypt, all political factions in egypt are going to partake in developing the way forward and will do so under the supervision of this youth revolution that was widely supported and will take their lead from the electorate and from the people, who will put them in office. >> as you know, there's a lot of specula
. >>> happening now, president barack obama says he's eager to have an adult conversation about overspending. we're deciphering the main messages of his surprise news conference. >>> plus, death chants by iranian lawmakers. they are trying to snuff out anti-government protests by calling for the execution of some opposition leaders. >>> and after months of scandal, italy's prime minister now facing trial on sex and abuse of power charges. we have an exclusive interview with a woman who is being investigated for hooking him up with young women. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jessica yellin. you're in "the situation room." >>> president obama faced reporters today after enduring 24 hours of mostly bad reviews about his new budget blueprint. he used a hastily called news conference to defend his spending plan as well as his response to the revolution in egypt, and he laid down some new markers for his next two years in office. our senior white house correspondent ed henry was there. ed, the president seemed pretty defensive today. >> reporter: he was a little defensive in dealing with the situation
, but how far would and could the obama administration go to prevent a full fledged massacre? >>> and a powerful earthquake leaves one of new zealand's largest cities in ruins. dozens are dead, and more may be trapped under crumbled buildings and chunks of concrete. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we fin with a very, very real danger that anti-government protesters in libya could be slaughtered in huge numbers. the strong man moammar gadhafi making it clear today that he won't go down without a fight. eight days into the demonstrations against gadhafi's regime, at least one person in the libyan capital is reported hearing bullets are being fired non-stop. this is the picture gadhafi wants the world to see. we're told libyans were dragged into the street and even offered money to show their support though for gadhafi. and in a rambling speech today, the libyan leader rejected demands that he step down, and he warned that his opponents would pay with their lives. >> translator: whoever cooperate with foreign countries in order to initiate war against libya
surv surveyed. >>> the obama white house, meanwhile, is urging the egyptian government to do much, much more to satisfy the demands of protesters, and that includes lifting the state of emergency, expanding negotiations with opposition groups, and making major constitutional reforms. administration officials are defending the president's handling of the egypt crisis now, and in the leadup to the revolt. let's go to the whooite house, r correspondent dan lothian standing by. dan, lots of questions about whether or not the administration should have been more conclude in about the temperature, what's going on in the middle east. >> reporter: that's right. that's right, wolf. in fact, there's finger-pointing, especially up on capitol hill where some lawmakers are wondering whether or not the administration got from the intelligence community timely analysis, did they get anything, any information that something was lacking, but the white house says that they believe nothing could have predicted exactly what happened. president obama relies on his intelligence community to sniff out trouble
obama condemning moammar gadhafi's attacks on protesters and his vow to execute his enemies. the unrest, the violence and the threats exploding in libya this week. gadhafi acting and sounding as defiant and as dangerous as ever. the libyan leader appeared yesterday before seemingly supportive crowds in tripoli where his opponents have been largely scared off the streets. but outside the capitol opposition forces have been gaining ground moving closer and closer to gadhafi's power center. cnn's senior international correspondent ben wedeman is one of the few reporters inside libya. he's been in the midst of the protests in libya's second largest city benghazi. [ chant [ speaking in foreign language ] ♪ si [ chanting in foreign language ] >> reporter: this demonstration in benghazi gives you an idea of the passion of the people of this city, the passion of so many libyans who have been thirsting for 42 years for this sort of opportunity, the chance to express themselves freely. [ chanting in foreign language ] >> reporter: we arrived in this city. and from the beginning, everywhere we w
and the obama administration seizing the moment. now issuing an urgent new call for democracy in iran. could the government of ahmadinejad be the next to fall in the middle east? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> a defiant moammar gadhafi is refusing to acknowledge any signs of political turmoil in his country. in interviews with the bbc and abc news reported today that gadhafi fiercely denied using force against his own people. >> they love me. all my people are with me. they love me owl. they will die to protect me and my people. no, no, no. >> if you say they do love you, then why are they capturing benghazi and they say they are against you there? >> my people, they come from outside. >> he was referring to al qaeda. meanwhile, the u.s. treasury department has announced it's freezing at least $30 billion in libyan government assets here in the united states. it's reportedly the largest amount ever blocked under any sanctions program. we're covering this story from every angle on the ground as only the global resources of cnn can. let's go to our senior international c
and harassment severely paralyzing their ability to broadcast on the air. >>> and president obama issues his strongest message yet to the egyptian government. warning, and i'm quoting him now, going back to the old days is not going to work. let's start with the bloody fighting right now between opposing protesters. that fighting spreading to new parts of cairo. cnn's ivan watson is joining us with the very latest. ivan, i know you're at tahrir square, and it looks like there's some significant crowds still gathered, even though it's now just past midnight. >> reporter: that's right. thousands of people here, more than we've seen in the past, and really a remarkable turnaround here considering that throughout the day and night on wednesday and thursday this was basically a war zone, and on friday it was a giant political rally made possible in part by the egyptian military providing a bit more security and apparently holding back some of the pro-government demonstrators. that said, while the scene here has been peaceful, there's been music. there have been speeches. there has been poetry, an
crackdown on anti-government protesters. president obama plans to speak out about the situation in libya in just a matter of minutes. we'll have live coverage here. critics have been questioning the president's silence. stand by for that. >>> oil prices spike to the highest level in over two years amid reports that libya's production has stalled. this hour, how the unrest there could threaten the economy here in the united states. >>> and a new legal move by the obama administration reignites the divisive debate over same-sex marriage. amid revolts overseas and budget battles here at home, a lot of people are asking why now? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." these are some of the latest pictures of libyans demanding freedom and defying moammar gadhafi's brutal crackdown. opposition forces have made gains outside the capital of tripoli a day after gadhafi vowed to fight to the death to hold on to power, but witnesses tell us the streets of tripoli are virtually empty right now, except for blood, bodies and burned cars. the white house says president obama will speak out in
opposition figures to be executed. >>> the obama white house is keeping track of the big picture in the middle east and noting that every kun interest where we're seeing protests is a little different. we want to bring in our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. ed, what's the administration saying about the newest uprisings which are hard enough just to keep track of it. >> reporter: it is, candy, and it's interesting, jay carney, the new white house press secretary, the first briefing today and right out of the box he said the president is watching very close lit developments were you talking about, libya, bahrain, all through the middle east as well as north africa, but he was also very careful, jay carney was, to say what you just suggested which is as the president noted at his news conference yesterday, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to these protests, that each country is different, and the administration is going to be careful not to dictate to each government about what to do here, but by the same token the administration is not shy about making sure to
. this country of 80 million rocked by chaos. in washington, president obama convenes a meeting of his national security team. the u.s. is one of its closest allies and sortion of more than a billion dollars in annual aid. sunday january 30th, key opposition figure mohamed elbaradei arrive in cairo's tahrir square calling on mubarak to, quote, leave today and save the country. tuesday, february 1st, anti-mubarak protesters call a march of millions. ahead of the march, the president says in a televised speech he will not seek re-election. >> translator: i have spent enough time in the service of the country and its people. >> reporter: but tens of thousands of demonstrate ors pack shoulders to shoulder in tahrir square to denounce the speech. still, there is support for mubarak too, especially from those who believe the chaos is destroying egypt. then a surreal scene in tahrir square as dozens of men riding horses and camels charge into the crowd beating anti-mubarak demonstrators. the government says later they were employed in the tourism trade and upset with the demonstrations. then days of c
. gloria, the conventional wisdom has it that the government shutdown would help president obama politically, like the one back in '95 helped bill clinton politically. does that conventional wisdom hold in this case given the mood of the country. >> well, you know, at this point, i think what voters voted for is the congress and the president to work together and get something done, wolf, and if you go to the brink on this and you have a government shutdown, sure, perhaps president obama and democrats could benefit a bit from it, but overall, independent voters do not like this brinksmanship. they want it to end. that's what they vote for. you know, when they voted democrats out of office, it wasn't a mandate for the republicans per se. it was a mandate to get something done, so i actually think it's in neither side's interest right now to shut this government down, and it sounds like, if you listen, the leaders of both parties and the president don't want to do it. i think the wild card here, wolf, are the 87 new republican house freshman who may say -- who may not have been thr
obama put it just a little while ago, egypt, he said, will never be the same. michael, this is a dramatic moment. history unfolding, all of us have been watching, and to think about it, michael, it took 18 days. only 18 days for mubarak to go and for the people of egypt to achieve this moment towards democracy and freedom. >> it is absolutely remarkable. who would have imagined that this could have happened, wolf, and, of course, mubarak's departure guarantees nothing and the days and weeks and months ahead are going to be what really tells us whether this is going to be a move towards genuine free, fair, open democracy. we're still waiting to hear from the military how they are going to handle things, so very important. now, of course, that is where it's all been happening. what you're looking at there now. tahrir square. that's where the joy erupted a few hours ago and that's where arwa damon has been throughow. arwa, i envy you enormously being there. it must have been an extraordinary few hours. arwa, are you hearing me? >> reporter: not entirely sure if you can he
ready for possible conflict. president obama orders the "uss george washington" battle group to steam towards the korean peninsula. from what we have seen, there's a real display of the firepower of south korea and the united states have at their disposal. >> this is the environment bill richardson is entering. he asks me to go with him. >> they invited me because they wanted to send a message to the united states and to the world. >> richardson is wrapping up eight years as new mexico's governor, having earlier served although u.s. ambassador to the united nations and energy secretary during the clinton administration. he's been to north korea on several occasions. >> every time i deal with them, i try to treat them with respect. i try to be honest with them. we had success in dealing with them. we got an american pilot out, an american prisoner out, we pushed nuclear negotiations and got the remains of some of our soldiers out. every negotiation we've had has worked, and somehow whenever they have difficulty dealing with either the bush administration, the obama administration, they
'll stay in close touch with you. thank you very much. here in washington the obama administration is reiterating its message to the egyptian government that the time for transition is now. our foreign affairs correspondent jill doherty is joining us now with new details on what the obama administration is trying to do. what are you learning, jill? >> reporter: well, number one, secretary clinton talked with mr. suleiman, the vice president, in fact this afternoon delivering that message and talking about the violence, but also saying the transition has to begin now. that's the mantra over here, and, you know, there's a real sense of urgency. just a few minutes ago, in fact, we spoke with a senior administration official who said that there appears to be a sense in the egyptian government that they can outlast the demonstrators, and what they are saying here at the state department and throughout the administration is they can't. the demonstrators are not going away so what are they saying, that mr. mubarak has to do a lot more now. it can't be put on a back burner, and also they a
? >> pressures certainly are mounting. over at the white house, president obama closely monitoring the escalating attacks on journalists in egypt. dan lothian is standing by. dan, what exactly are you hearing? >> wolf, i can tell you that one aid here at the white house told me that there's growing frustration over how this violence is not only targeting just protests but also journalists. as you pointed out, president obama has been briefed on the situation. there's also concern here about what could happen tomorrow after friday prayers, that this violence could even escalate. so the white house again is calling for restraint. >> reporter: at a national prayer breakfast, president obama's stay of spiritual refleck shul -- >> we pray that the violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspirations of the egyptian people will be realized and that a better day will dawn over egypt and throughout the world. >> this unrest was not completely unexpected. at a senator hearing thursday, it was revealed u.s. intelligence warned the obama administration in 2010. >> we have warned of instability, we
farther might the obama administration go to avoid more bloodshed, and a school district votes to fight almost every single teacher, 2,000 and all. drastic situations in the budget war. that and more in "the situation room." >>> right now we're getting new -- a new view into the protests and the violence in libya. several hundred people get off that u.s.-chartered ferry that just docked in malta a little while ago. a chartered aircraft also left libya today bound for turkey with americans on board. stand by for some of the terrifying stories they are now telling all of us. another late development, the united states says it's moving forward with sanctions against moammar gadhafi's regime. the u.s. embassy in libya already has been closed. a defiant gadhafi appearing in tripoli today with crowds that supposedly support him, but witnesses report fierce clashes between security forces and protesters in the libyan capital. the u.n. began a meeting on this just a while ago. one u.n. official says gadhafi's crackdown is escalating, and thousands may have been killed or injured. our correspond
the showdown over the budget and union workers' rights and whether president obama should stay out of it. >>> and former republican party chairman michael steele takes on democrat donna brazile on the threat of a government shakedown and who it would help or hurt. wolf blitzer is off. i'm candy crowley, and you're in room room. >>> just one week after the fall of egypt, a day of prayer in the muss im world triggers new anti-government protests across the region and deadly violence. bahrain is especially volatile right now after security forces fired guns and tear gas at a few hundred demonstrators. we are told several people were killed and dozens injured. cnn's arwa damon was close to the scene of the clash when it happened. arwa, what's going on there right now? >> reporter: well, candy, the situation has calmed down at this point, but it was fairly intense with that small group of around a few hundred demonstrators deciding that they wanted to take back pearl square and coming face-to-face with the military and police cordon outside. they tried to advance on that location. a couple of
and demands of the egyptian people would be satisfied. you had president obama with a statement saying we're watching history unfold as if we were at a moment of definitive transformation, and i get we'll be looking into how that came about, and then, you know, a tremendous expectancy in the square, everybody dancing, drums goi going everybody feels this moment of leave, leave, leave was coming to fruition, and then in a long, meandering speech when he relegated the one important phrase to a subordinate clause toward the end that the president essentially said he was handing authority under the constitution to suleiman, but remaining as president. so essentially the demands have not been met. >> because he can take back that power whenever he wanted, whatever authority he's giving to the suleiman. that could be rescinded by the president, who happens to be hosni mubarak. >> i think in theory it could be rescinded. has handed authority to suleiman. as i read it suleiman is the man in charge, but where is mubarak? is he in the palace? is he going somewhere? it's all very murky. what i'm wor
, barack obama came in with his democratic majorities, didn't consult republicans as much, and didn't do very well. and when the lame-duck session came, and he actually got things done with republicans did his approval ratings go up. voters aren't interested in games. they voted for bipartisanship. when you look at the budget battle that's coming up, and the question of whether you ought to shut down the government. gallup asked the question what should congress do in the budget battle? again, wolf, by a 2:1 margin, people want compromise, they want to get something done. >> good column,, i hope our viewers read it. >> thanks, wolf. >> it's a good, smart column. >>> moammar ga davi says young protesters have been corrupted by al qaeda. we'll take a closer look. there any truth to that at all? >>> in the midst of middle east tirr mow, one country in the region brings strange bedfellows together to buy weapons. ze odors in multiple cat homes... keeping your house smelling like it should. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home. >>> let's get back to our top story
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24